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The Idrijca River embodies the essence of karstic beauty. Its unique location, bottom structure, and water temperature create an ecosystem teeming with life both in and around its waters. Renowned for its rich and diverse entomology, the Idrijca River stands as one of the most challenging and sought-after fly fishing destinations globally.

Kanomljica River

The Kanomljica River is the first major tributary of the Idrijca River. It flows into the Idrijca from the left side near the town of Spodnja Idrija. The Kanomljica River resembles an alpine stream with both larger and smaller rapids, as well as diverse sections. The contrast in the riverbed structure ranges from dark brown to gray-white.


The Lepena River, a smaller left tributary of the Soča River, winds its way through the picturesque Trenta Valley. Surrounded by verdant mountains illuminated by the sun, its serene beauty enchants even the most seasoned fly fishermen. Despite its smaller size, the river flows moderately, with shallow sections punctuated by pools of varying depths. Teeming with a variety of trout species, the Lepena River offers a rewarding experience for fly fishermen of all skill levels.


Like the Lepena River, the Koritnica River is a tributary of the Soča River. It flows into the Soča from the right side a few kilometers downstream from the Lepena River. Access to the Koritnica River is a bit more challenging and difficult, but the lower part is very good for fly fishing. It is inhabited by all types of trout and also the Adriatic grayling. The grayling, in particular, is very well represented in the Koritnica River, and it often happens that fly fishermen can catch their dream grayling right here.


The Krka River is a right tributary of the largest Slovenian river, the Sava River. Located in the southeastern part of Slovenia, it is a distinctly karstic river with exceptional brown trout. Its waters are also inhabited by rainbow trout, grayling, and the king of our waters – the huchen. Being a karstic river, the Krka River teems with life in and around it. It is known for its green color and magnificent limestone thresholds.

Radovna RIVER

Radovna River is a pristine alpine river known for its crystal-clear waters and chilly temperatures. It’s home to a thriving population of wild brown trout, along with native rainbow trout and brook trout. While the trout in Radovna may not grow as large as those in other rivers due to limited food sources, their beauty and the rugged natural surroundings more than make up for it.


If there’s a river that could exist in heaven, it’s undoubtedly the Soča River. This world-renowned river, celebrated even in the ode to the Soča River by the famous Slovenian writer Simon Gregorčič, is among the most stunning rivers in the world. The Soča River is famous for its emerald color, a result of dissolved minerals that form the riverbed. Its color is especially vibrant in the summer months when the snow atop the surrounding mountains has melted, and the Soča River maintains a steady flow.

Tolminka RIVER

The Tolminka River originates in the foothills of the Triglav mountain range in the alpine valley below Bogatin. The world-famous Tolmin Gorges are among the most beautiful wild gorges in the world. Although fishing in the Tolmin Gorges area is prohibited due to natural heritage and nature conservation, every angler who visits them is enthralled by the beauty and power of the river that has shaped this gorge over millennia.

TržišKa Bistrica RIVER

Tržiška Bistrica River is a stunning alpine river, originating not far from the Austrian-Slovenian border. Its pristine flow is home to native brown trout and rainbow trout. As you venture downstream, you’ll also encounter grayling, most plentiful in the river’s lower stretches. Crystal clear and pure, Tržiška Bistrica offers a haven for every fly fisherman. The most picturesque spots for angling are found in the enchanting Dovžan Gorge, where nature’s beauty and the presence of beautiful brown trout soothe both the eyes and the soul.


On the edge of the Planina field flows the legendary Unica River, which is known to almost every dry fly fishing enthusiast in Europe. The Unica River is an untouched Slovenian gem, spared from interventions in its natural environment.


The Vipava River could be described as a very mysterious river. Its upper stream is rich with all kinds of trout. Among them, Marble trout and hybrids dominate, followed by Brown and Rainbow trout. The river’s flow is punctuated with rapids, overflows, and deep pools. Lush vegetation along the Vipava River provides plenty of shade and hiding spots for all species of trout that inhabit it.

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