Soča River

Soča River

“If there’s a river that could exist in heaven, it’s undoubtedly the Soča River. This world-renowned river, celebrated even in the ode to the Soča River by the famous Slovenian writer Simon Gregorčič, is among the most stunning rivers in the world. The Soča River is famous for its emerald color, a result of dissolved minerals that form the riverbed. Its color is especially vibrant in the summer months when the snow atop the surrounding mountains has melted, and the Soča River maintains a steady flow.

In its upper reaches, the Soča River is distinctly alpine. Its flow could be described as extremely rapid, with numerous powerful rapids. Due to its torrential nature, the Soča River can transform into a raging torrent during heavy rainfall, rising by a meter or more within hours. The upper part of the Soča River is managed by the Slovenian Fisheries Research Institute, while the middle and lower sections are managed by the Tolmin Fishing Association and the Soča Fishing Association. In the upper reaches managed by the Slovenian Fisheries Research Institute, the Soča River features fast rapids and hidden pools. In the middle and lower reaches managed by the Tolmin Fishing Association and the Soca Fishing Association, you’ll find everything a fly fisherman could desire, from wild streams among the rocks to rapids, deep pools, and tranquil white sandbanks that seem to freeze time.

The Soča River is home to various species of trout and Adriatic Grayling. Among them, the Marble trout is the most famous. It was along the Soča River that the Marble trout gained its name, known to fly fishermen worldwide who have ever fished or will fish in our regions and rivers.”


Species of Fish: Marble trout, Hybrid trout, Brown trout, Rainbow trout, Grayling
Fishing Season: 01.04-30.11.
Water Manager: Fisheries Research Institute Of Slovenia, Fishing Association tolmin

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